The press office and you: how we can work together

The CERN press office handles all media enquiries at CERN.

Journalists from all over the world come to CERN to visit facilities, interview scientists or shoot footage for documentaries: yearly the press office welcomes about 700 journalists from 400 different media outlets to the site and handles an even greater number of requests by phone and email.

All this would not be possible without you – CERN staff and users who are willing and ready to talk about their work. CERN and the LHC are popular topics. We are grateful that so many of you are happy to spend time with journalists and spread the message of CERN – that basic science is a driver for knowledge and innovation.

The LHC media briefing contains a list of frequently asked questions with suggestions for answers to some of the more difficult questions. It was written for the media event for first collisions at high energy, but many questions are just as valid today. Feel free to contact us at if you think topics are missing.

You might find these FAQs helpful too:

What do I do if a journalist contacts me for an interview on the phone?

Do not hesitate to give phone interviews if you feel comfortable doing so. It would be great if you could let the press office know of any stories published or broadcast.

What do I do if a journalist contacts me for a visit?

Let the press office know. We usually handle all requests for journalistic visits to CERN but need a minimum of three weeks to prepare and plan visits.

If too many visits fall in the same time period and the press office can’t take care of the journalists who contacted you, you are welcome to take them to the places to which you have access or any of the public areas such as offices and cafeterias.

Please note that you will be responsible for the journalists at all times while they are on the CERN site. If they want to see your place of work and nothing else, feel free to show it them, but please let the press office know ( Photographers are also regarded as journalists.

Can I take a film crew into the control room of my experiment?

You can, as long as your experiment allows this. Please let the press office know about potential visits, and check with your collaboration's outreach contacts to see if the journalists can enter the control room.

Can I blog about LHC progress and results?

By all means, but respect your collaboration´s guidelines. CERN will also tweet any press release and further progress (

Does CERN offer media training for scientists?

Yes. CERN organizes media training to help you understand how the media works and why some topics make it into the news and others don't.

CERN and the LHC are popular topics - we're likely to be called upon to explain what is happening at CERN to media, friends and neighbours. The training teaches you how (and how not) to give an interview to a journalist.

If you'd like to follow a course please sign up here: "Dealing with Media Questions"

If you can’t attend a training session in person, try these resources:

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