Press visits during LHC operation

For all media

CERN welcomes a large number of worldwide media throughout the year. To have your media visit organized on the CERN site, you should first contact and obtain permission from the CERN Press Office at least four weeks in advance. The Press Office will only accept visits from media that have a clear mandate with a broadcaster, publication or agency. Press with no mandate are free to book a visit with the CERN public Visits Service.

During LHC operation, media visits underground are no longer possible. However, the press office can organize visits on the CERN site above ground and arrange for interviews with scientists. Please make sure that you contact us at least four weeks in advance of your preferred visit date.

Since the underground facilities are not accessible, we advise Visual Media to use our stock footage on the tunnel and the detectors.


Read the disclaimer

Before your visit, please read the liability waiver regarding safety on site.

The CERN laboratory is a working site: your visit will be subject to safety conditions.

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