Press releases 1997

CERN holds Workshop on Technology Transfer

The World-Wide Web, medical imaging, advanced electronic chip design. These are just a few recent results of fundamental research at the World's leading laboratory for particle physics, CERN*, in Geneva. Although the Laboratory's mission is pure science, the tools of the trade, particle accelerators and detectors, push the bounds of technology to their limits and beyond. The result is practical advances which benefit everyone.

Greece's first industrial exhibition at CERN

Greece, one of CERN1's founding Member States, inaugurated its first Industrial Exhibition at the Meyrin site on Tuesday, 14 October. After a meeting with CERN's Director General, Professor Christopher Llewellyn Smith, Professor Emmanuel Frangoulis, the General Secretary of the Greek Ministry of Industry, accompanied by Prof Emmanuel Floratos, Greek delegate to CERN council visited the DELPHI experiment on the LEP collider, guided by Andromachi Tsirou, a Greek physicist.

New permanent exhibition at CERN

The work of CERN1, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, is to understand how matter behaves. What are the ultimate constituents of the Universe? Where do they come from? How do they all hold together? These exciting questions have been asked by each successive civilisation and it is the responsibility of scientists to communicate clearly the research which is carried out to further our understanding.

CERN finds external funding for new antimatter project

CERN1 will build a new experimental facility, the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) by transforming an existing CERN machine the "Antiproton Collector", which produces and stores antiprotons into a "all-in-one" machine which can, in addition, decelerate, cool, and eject antiprotons at low energies (5.8 MeV). The transformation will cost about 7 million Swiss Francs, and will be funded by special contributions from several countries, among which are , Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland and the United States.

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