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Measurements at CERN help to re-evaluate the element of life

Geneva, 13 January 2005. Results from experiments at CERN1 and the Jyväskylä Accelerator Laboratory in Finland, reported in Nature2 today, cast new light on the primary reaction that creates carbon in stars. All the carbon in the Universe, including that needed for carbon-based life forms such as ourselves, has been made in the hearts of stars through what is known as the "triple alpha reaction".

CERN awards the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics for its role in Grid development

Geneva and Rome, 1 December 2004. In the presence of Minister Letizia Moratti, CERN1 Director General, Robert Aymar has presented the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics2 (INFN) with an award to recognize its contributions to developing computational Grids, and its pioneering efforts to establish and promote Grid technology at the national level and in Europe.

CERN opens its doors to the world

Geneva, 12 October 2004. On 16 October, CERN1 throws open its doors to the world for the most ambitious public open day in the Organization's history. This is one of several events to be held in Geneva in October marking the 50th anniversary of the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

The CERN Open Day is the highlight of the Organization's 50th anniversary celebrations for the public. Some 50 sites and activities have been prepared to give a complete picture of life at the world's leading fundamental physics research centre.

CHEP '04: Physicists and Industry Experts Meet in Interlaken to Discuss Future of Scientific Computing

Geneva, Switzerland 23 September 2004. Next week, CERN1 will be hosting CHEP '04, a major conference for Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, at the Congress Centre in Interlaken (September 27 – October 1). This edition of CHEP2 will be particularly auspicious, falling in the week where CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

CERN 50th anniversary celebrations approach their climax

Geneva, 7 September 2004. CERN's 50th anniversary celebrations step up a gear in September, and reach a climax with an official celebration on 19 October. Media are welcome at this event, but accreditation in advance is essential.

CERN* turns 50 on 29 September, an event that will be marked with birthday parties in several of the organization's Member States. At CERN itself, the anniversary will be marked by a spectacular illumination of the 27-kilometre Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring, supported by the State of Geneva.


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