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Marie Curie Fellowships showcased at CERN

CERN1 becomes a showcase for European Union (EU) research on 3-4 October when it hosts a workshop for EU-funded Marie Curie fellows working in various fields of physics and technology. The Marie Curie scheme gives young researchers from around the continent the mobility to go to wherever Europe's best facilities in their chosen field happen to be, and it is a key plank in the EU's strategy of creating a European Research Area.

Thousands of cold anti-atoms produced at CERN

An international team of physicists working at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) facility at CERN* has announced the first controlled production of large numbers of antihydrogen atoms at low energies. After mixing cold clouds of trapped positrons and antiprotons - the antiparticles of the familiar electron and proton - under closely monitored conditions, the ATHENA collaboration has identified antihydrogen atoms, formed when positrons bind together with antiprotons. The results are published online today by the journal Nature1.

CERN launches Europe-wide tests of Grid technology

Budding computer experts from around the world will this week begin their own tests of the latest software developed by the European DataGrid 1  Project. Students attending the 2002 CERN2 School of Computing in Vico Equense, Italy, will be submitting jobs that can run anywhere on the Project's current Grid, which is based at 10  computer centres throughout Europe. This is the first in a series of important tests using software from the DataGrid Project that will take place throughout the autumn and which will include connections across the Atlantic.

21 June 2002

Last year, CERN and its Council were confronted with evidence of a major funding shortfall for the completion of the LHC Project. In response, the Council asked the Director-General to propose a plan to redeploy CERN's resources. In parallel, the Council established an External Review Committee (ERC) under the chairmanship of Dr R. Aymar.

At its 122nd meeting on 21 June 2002, CERN's Council discussed both the report of the ERC and the Management's plans to redeploy 500 MCHF and CERN human resources to support the LHC Project.


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